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All Cool Tools Announces New Affiliate Program for High Quality Cool Tools and Survival Gear

Do you Own a blog, website, or youtube channel? Congratulations you're ahead of the game and probably super creative! Here is your chance to profit from your creativity by simply telling your viewers about some of the great products we carry at 

If you are already earning some passive income from your site via ads or affiliate sales then chances are you know how they work and you can skip this next few paragraphs, click this link AllCoolTools Affiliate Program link and sign up. Otherwise please keep reading. 

The way affiliate marketing works is alot like, if not the same as a sales rep earning a commission on any sale they make. The main differences are the sale is driven by your websites content, not your awesome salesman skills. There's really no physical interaction with the customer at all. You also control the products you're selling, and you set the tone in which you present the product to your viewers. 

You just place text links or banner ads that feature specific products, coupons, etc. on your site or within your sites content. They should be in line with your viewers interests or the content of the article/video they are placed in. People click those links then make a purchase from All affiliates are issued a unique identifying code which is embedded into any links or banner ads you place on your site. The code embedded allows us to know which website the sale originated from. After 30 days we send all of your earnings to your Paypal account. 

Click here to sign up for AllCoolTools Affiliate Program

The Details:

  • sells a wide variety of high quality survival gear, camping supplies, and much more.
  • We currently offer over 500 products from around 30 reputable brands like Gerber, Bushnell, Kabar, Boker, Leatherman, Sog, and more.
  • Our customers vary from people buying gifts to well informed shoppers who visit blogs and forums before completing purchases. They are located mainly in the continental United States and some from all over the world.
  • Our average order size is $109.75
  • We currently offer a great commission rate of 8% on all sales.

Some Unique Selling Points

  • We offer free shipping on all orders over $150 
  • 10% off orders over $50.
  • We consistently try to create competitive offers for the benefit of the customer
Please feel free to email me for any more info on our affiliate program at until then Create, Sign Up, Profit!

Written by Erik Uebelein — April 21, 2013

All Cool Tools Holiday Giveaway Time!

In this great time of sharing also known as "The Holidays" we would like to share and give back to our friends, fans, and customers. 

Giveaways of AllCoolTools' Past

Since All Cool Tools was started we have been running a constant giveaway on Facebook. The rules were simple, for every 50 Facebook likes a random fan would receive a SwissTech 6 in 1 Utili-key. This was a great success and we gained quiet a few fans from it. This promotion is still around however we have raised the quota to every 100 likes. We also did a giveaway on Facebook for the CRKT Eat n Tool, this was awarded to a random person who shared the giveaway's post. This was also alot of fun and we will be doing more of these in the future.

Giveaways of AllCoolTools' Present

This Holiday Season we wanted to give more people a chance to win more cool tools so we have extended the rewards to anyone who signs up for our Newsletter, and anyone who follows us on Twitter. The winners will be randomly chosen and notified via whichever platform they used to participate. For example if someone follows us on twitter and is chosen, we will tweet about the winner and their prize, then send them a private message to obtain shipping info.

What are we giving away? 

  • 3 x Gerber Red Microbrew Keychain Lights (More Info)
  • 3 x Swisstech 6 in 1 Utili-keys (More Info)
  • 2 x Gerber Artifact EDC tools (More Info)
  • 1 x Boker Magnum Deep Blue (More Info)
  • 1 x 

    United Cutlery M48 Credit Card Survival Tool (More Info)


Giveaways of AllCoolTools, Future

We have many easy to participate in giveaways where you can win some really great stuff planned for the future and we would love to hear your suggestions so please email with any ideas you have.

Written by Erik Uebelein — December 15, 2012

All Cool Tools visits The Pop Up Flea Market in NYC

This past weekend we had the pleasure of attending a very cool event in New York City, called the Pop Up Flea. The Pop Up Flea is a once yearly event that involves "in no specific order: good people, better things, expert craftsmanship, exercises in refinement, brands you love, up-and-coming designers, and menswear done right." This quote from their site pretty much captures the essence of the event. 

There was a total of 44 different vendors on two separate floors. Some well know menswear manufacturers like L.L. Bean, Filson, and Levi along with some other brilliant men's accessories craftsmen like Tanner goods and Billykirk. Below is a video that explains the vision behind Pop Up Flea Market featuring it's founders, Randy Goldberg and Michael Williams.

We were very excited to be able to check out some of the most innovative new designs in men's wear, outdoor gear, and all around cool stuff. Through all the excitement one booth really grabbed our attention, the Gerber Gear tent. Adorned with some of Gerber's newest editions and some old favorites, the Gerber Gear tent was the place to be at the Pop Up Flea. 

Our sales manager, Erik was lucky enough to talk to some of Gerber's head marketing folks and convince a professional photographer to snap his picture in the tent while holding a Gerber Gator Machete, one of his favorites.

Check out some more pics from the event:

The Gerber Gear #Hellotrouble Truck

Gerber Gear Tent

Written by Erik Uebelein — December 03, 2012

Updates and New Cool Tools from United Cutlery, Boker, and more


Veteran's Day Free Shipping Promo, Gerber Apocalypse Kits, and

  • First we would like to thank everyone who used the Veteran's Day free shipping promo code. Our standard shipping rate is $6.99 so we decided to add up that amount for every order that was placed for the week of the promotion. The total amount will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. So everyone that purchased something using that code wins twice, once for free shipping, and twice for free donation. 
  • The Gerber Apocalypse Kits have been selling like crazy so we decided to put them on sale for just $319.99 from $349.99. The kit has received only positive feedback from all of our customers who purchased it. I personally own one and when I first bought it I contemplated not using it at all and hanging it up for display because it looked so cool. Check out All of our Apocalypse/Zombie Fighting Kits in our Zombie Killer/Apocalypse Tools Section.
  • About 2 weeks ago we were pleasantly suprised to find out featured our site in a Halloween themed article titled "Products for the Zombie Apocalypse" Click here to view

What's New

Here are a few new additions to our inventory and product line.

New Products

      Boker Toucan EDC                                              

Boker Toucan EDC Tool(More Info)    United Cutlery M48 Karambit(More Info)  

Uncle Bill's EDC Keychain tools(More Info)


New Products from Maxpedition. The Single Sheath, Fatboy Versipack, and The Ferox Folding knife 

(Click Here for more info)

  • We are improving our EDC (Everyday Carry) section frequently and will be making the navigation through that section a little bit easier to find the products you want. Click on our new EDC Section Logo above to view our collection.
  • AllCoolTools is also happy to announce the addition of Kevin's Art Design to our team. Kevin's company brings over 10 years of graphic design experience to us. His company will be contributing some of his unique creations for the site. So if you like what you see and need design work contact him here

Written by Erik Uebelein — November 14, 2012

All Cool Tools Celebrates Veteran's Day with Free Shipping

Today we reflect on the sacrifices of the past and the ongoing sacrifices made by our brave heros who fight and have fought for our freedom. Everyone at feels that Veteran's Day is an extremely important holiday and that during this day we should reflect on and remember the soldiers of all branches of our military who served. We are offering Free Shipping on all orders all day for everyone in the USA.

Enter Code THANKSVETS at checkout

Written by Erik Uebelein — November 11, 2012

Labor Day and Customer Appreciation Sale at

We decided to extend this sale to everyone because we really want you to get the most out of the money you make from your labor and we appreciate all of our customers(past, present, future) equally.

Labor day tool sale, on multitools, edc, hatchets, knives

Check out some customer favorites

Gerber Asek LMF II

Inova T4R Flash Light

Iain Sinclair Cardsharp 2 Credit Card Knife

Written by Erik Uebelein — August 24, 2012

Our First Facebook Giveaway

It has been a busy few months here at All Cool Tools. The much anticipated CRKT 9200 Tool was finally released and we thank the many people who took advantage of our highly competitive price which is $31.49 down from $49.99. We also introduced you to the Camillus Knives', Les Stroud (Suvivorman) Designed, SK series knives and machete, an affordable, full tang, survival knife set. And the re-release of the Limited Edition Gerber Apocalypse Kit. The Apocalypse kits are available and in stock now on sale for $329.99.

The Facebook Giveaway is very simple, just click the "Find us on Facebook" button below, like our page, and you will be entered to win one of 2 Swisstech 6 in 1 Utili-key multi-tools that we are giving away. A winner will be chosen when we hit 50 likes and 100 likes.

All Cool Tools facebook Page

We would also like to thank everyone who has stopped by the site to browse or purchase some of the cool tools we offer. We are continuously searching for and adding new cool tools to the site do not hesitate to provide us with suggestions.

Recently Added Cool Tools

Limited Edition Gerber Apocalypse Kit ($329.99)

CRKT 9200 ($31.49)

Les Stroud SK Series($29.99-$69.99)

PocketToolX Pirahna ($27.50)

SwissTech 6 in 1 Utili-key ($7.99)

Written by Erik Uebelein — June 28, 2012

Father's Day 2012 10% Discount on All Items Including Tool Sets

From now until Father's Day In order to show our appreciation for all fathers out there, many of whom work hard to provide for their families we decided to extend a 10% off coupon on our wide selection of multi-tools, hand tools, and tool sets. 

Use Coupon Code: FathersDay10% at check out to receive an instant 10% off of your entire order.

So whether you purchase Dad a Gerber Apocalypse Kit for $319.99, a Leatherman Freestyle for $26.99, or a CRKT Eat n Tool for $6.69 you get 10% off.

Some other great gifts for your Dad

The SwissTech Multi-Tool Bundle $34.99

SwissTech Bundle multitool set

Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen $39.99 (Three color choices)

Smith and Wesson tactical pen

Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Tool Pack Multi-Tool, Fire Starter & Flashlight $59.99

Gerber Bear Grylls survival tool pack

Written by Erik Uebelein — June 03, 2012

All Cool Tools Goes Live

Today is an exciting day for All Cool Tools! We are now open for business and would like to welcome everyone to our store. In the coming days we will be posting many new products and providing our customers regularly posted articles about the tools we sell. We hope that our blog posts will give you all a better understanding of the manufacturing processes, companies, and individuals that create our inventory. 

Please contact us at with any question or comments on making your experience here better.

Written by Erik Uebelein — May 04, 2012

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